The connection between mother and her child is a treasure. The mission of the motherhood sessions is to capture that bond that will unite you for life in the most elegant and beautiful way possible.


The ideal is to do your from the baby’s 6 months and up to the year old, but in reality they can be done until the children are adults, because the mother / child connection never disappears. They are usually done after 6 months because the mother is already more physically recovered and the baby usually sits down and interacts more, which gives much more play when taking the photographs.
If you are clear that you want your motherhood photos with Lys Moya Photography, I advise you to book as soon as possible to be able to choose the date with the greatest availability. Three months in advance is the most appropriate, but you can book up to 6 months in advance if you want to be able to choose the day. 
You can send me an email to indicating the date  that you want to do the photoshoot. You must leave me your phone number and we will contact you shortly to agree on a date. Once the date is confirmed, we will send you the reservation so that you can make a down payment. Once formalized, your motherhood photo session will be blocked. 
In the Elite sessions we will talk about the details of the session by phone or video call. We will talk about the style of the portraits that we are going to make, the choice of outfits so that your vision and mine mix and we achieve spectacular results to the liking of both. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive our style guide to better prepare you for the photo session.
If your session is the classic one, you can send your style preferences a week before the session and a proposal will be made based on the material sent.

Si tu sesión es classic podrás mandar tus preferencias de estilo una semana antes de la sesión y se te hará propuesta en función del material enviado.

Depending on the chosen pack, you can keep more photos or even the complete gallery. Each pack has different conditions and they are specified in each of them.
The wardrobe is responsibility of the studio. You can bring all the clothes you want and we will select together what we are going to wear in the session. Look at the photos you like and try to bring similar clothes. Always try to combine… And don’t forget the basics: white shirt, white and black T-shirt, jeans and nice underwear. 
 I recommend 3 sets of underwear: white, black and flesh-colored for fantasy photos where the fabrics show through. If your motherhood photos are going to be mostly with underwear, I invite you to bring some more fantasy or lace underware to your liking. 
 In the studio I have many different fabrics, dresses and accessories. We will send you a catalog of the changing rooms that we have. So even if you came with just the basic underwear sets, you could take some beautiful photos with you. However, the more you contribute, the more personal the session will be.


The mom and baby sessions are more designed for the mom to enjoy the day with her baby, but there is no problem ending one of the sets with family photos as long as they fit the style of the session. We will take photos of the baby alone, of the mother alone and of the two of them. 
Mom and baby sessions can also be done with siblings as long as they follow a magazine style and are not classic family photos. 
If you have a pet you can bring it, as long as it is small and quiet, because the studio is not very big and is full of delicate material. If you decide to bring it, it is your responsibility and you should always consult it beforehand. In case of being big or nervous, you must bring a companion so that we can take the pet photo and then leave.


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