A woman photoshoot can be highly empowering...Even therapeutical. We have witnessed some life-changing sessions. Making the choice to honor yourself as a woman is already a step forward towards self-love. Telling your life’s story through your body, your gestures and your unique style is a creative way of leaving your mark in the world.

Frequently asked

The perfect moment is the present moment! There is no such thing as perfect timing when it comes to treating yourself to this exclusive experience. You can do it just for you or for personal branding purposes. Whatever the reason behind your decision we applaude you for it! The end result will be mindblowing.

The sooner you book your session, the better. That way you will secure your preferred date for the shoot. We recommend that you contact us three months in advance. Should your selected date not be available by the time you contact us, we will arrange for an alternative time and date that will suit both of us.

Please send an email to lys@lysmoyafotografia.com letting us know of your preferred dates and which package you’d like to book. You must add your phone number so that we may contact you to confirm availability. Once the date is confirmed, we will send you the contract and the details for the down payment. Once that’s settled, your woman photography session will be 100% confirmed.

A telephone or video call is included as part of the Elite package. During that call we will talk about your preferred style of pictures from my portfolio. We will also discuss wardrobe options. It is important that you are open to my suggestions. I will definitely be open to yours! If we combine your vision and my expertise we will achieve spectacular results. Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive our style guide to prepare you for the woman photo shoot.

Each package has specific conditions. I suggest that you take your time to inspect our pricing page so that you may compare and select the package that suits you the most.

We will arrange and style each of the outfits you’ll be wearing during the women body photography. You can bring all the clothes you want. We will pick and choose from your clothes and the studio’s wardrobe to create unique looks for you.  Take a look at my portfolio for inspiration and try to bring similar clothes to the ones in the pictures you’ve selected. Don’t forget the basics: white shirt; black/white T-shirts, jeans and gorgeous underwear. 

I recommend 3 sets of underwear: a white set, a black set and a nude set. The latter will be especially important for the more creative sets. If you like your woman photoshoot to include plenty of nude or underwear shots, then please try to bring special lingerie to your liking.

We have a wide variety of gowns, fabrics and accessories to style you like a goddess. So, even if you came to your shoot with just the basic sets of underwear, the end result will still be dazzling.

These sessions are tailor-made for women only. However, if you really want to have some couple photos taken, we could arrange for one of the sets to include your partner. He can come and pick you up. That way you can have the last photos shot together.

Having said this we recommend that you go through this experience on your own. After all this is ABOUT YOU. The less distractions you have, the better. Sometimes we don’t let ourselves be truly authentic when others are looking. We will try our best to forget that there is a camera shooting and we will encourage you to be very YOU!

You have the prices down below to this page.  If you have any additional questions, you can contact us by email lys@lysmoyafotografia.com


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