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Looking for a professional photographer in Vienna?

Well, there I was…A professional photographer in Vienna, back in December 2022. I was doing a shooting for my latest creative project and I just happened to be at the right place and the right time for Sheha and her husband. 


Sheha is a Venezuelan woman who moved to Vienna as a kid. She was pregnant in 2022 and was looking for just the right maternity photographer for her pregnancy shoot. She did find one that really caught her eye but there was a tiny problem…She was based in the Netherlands…


When she told her husband about this professional photographer he thought she was joking. He quickly realized that she really meant it. Distance didn’t matter to her. Just as he was coming around to the idea of travelling there for their maternity photoshoot they came across my “Model call” for the Maternity World Tour. It was fate! For him…For Sheha…And for me!


I secured my model for Vienna’s shoot and they saved themselves the trouble of having to go all the way to the Netherlands for their prenancy photos. I can now gladly report that they were both very happy with the final result of this feature.

Tales of a professional photographer in Vienna

We met at 7am at Karlskirche. I had planned to be there at that specific time because it was just the right moment for sunrise. The day before I had spent quite some time inspecting the best locations for the photoshoot. And I knew that the sun would be rising just behind the palace at that time. 

I had “The Shot” all figured out in my head: a gorgeous sun rising from behind Karlskirche, a beautiful pregnant woman wearing a gown that I had designed for the occasion…Dreamy! 

Well, despite being there on time, with the model, my equipment and my assistant (well, ok…My “husband assistant”…We were missing something…The heavy fog was covering the Sun, a key player in my dream picture. 

At that moment these wise words came to my mind: “Work with what you have”. A simple statement and yet so philosophical and so on point. It was something that my Theater teacher used to say to us again and again and again. 

He was so right. Little did I know at the time that my Theater training would become so handy in my daily life! Working with life and not against it has been one of the most important teachings ever! And so I did. I managed to make these magical shots, using the fog in my favour. Thanks to the weather we had that day Saint Charles’ Church became a fairy-tale set. 

A big part of being a professional photographer is having the ability to improvise and work through adverse circumstances…Especially if you work outdoors.

Photography trip to Vienna

We didn’t just take pictures in one location. We went to different hotspots, like the Belvedere Palace. Such a stunning landscape! This photo trip was very rewarding for me: 


Sheha was so lovely! After the shooting, her and her husband took us on a tour of Vienna. Not only did I get to enjoy the sights and take touristy shoots but we went to one of the most prestigious spots in the city for breakfast.


Vienna bewitched me. I would move there…Cold weather and all! There is so much culture and history in every corner. Tramways and monuments everywhere! People are so polite and the city is so clean! Simply amazing!

And the end result, the photography…Well it’s here for you to assess. I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures from the World Maternity Tour. And if you want me to be your professional photographer, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can travel to your location.

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