Photographic journey: a trip to the heart and soul of India

Photographic trip to India

My recent photographic trip to India has been a transformative experience, an adventure that has changed my perception of the world and myself. We often live in our bubbles, believing we understand the world, thinking we know the differences and inequalities that exist. But it is only by immersing ourselves in realities other than our own that we truly begin to understand the magnitude of what we do not know.


India has touched me deeply; it has been an encounter with the sublime and the raw of human existence. Through my lens, I captured moments of indescribable beauty, bathed in a unique light that only this country can offer. However, this same beauty coexists with a harsh reality: a suffocating pollution that permeates the air and affects every breath, and a constant struggle for survival that defines the daily lives of many of its inhabitants.

Contrary to what many might think from a distance, the spirituality that envelops the country is not only a facet of its cultural identity, but also a refuge from the stresses and strains of a society marked by population density and caste divisions. The complexity of life in India has shown me that many truths that we consider universal there vanish into thin air.

DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPH: a journey to the heart and soul of India

However, among these contrasts, I found an unknown freedom, a space to be and to do that questions our own restrictions. This trip was not only a tour of iconic places, but a journey inside, to a deeper understanding of life and people.

I didn’t make a “model call” for my photographic trip to India; I preferred to let destiny introduce me to the right people at the right moments. So I met an extraordinary couple at the Mimasa cafe , a small juice place in Udaipur fleeing from the omnipresent spiciness. Artists, caring, united by love and creativity, they offered me a different vision of India, one that I captured in images at dawn, portraits that speak beyond words.

This experience reaffirmed for me that traveling with a purpose, beyond mere tourism, to immerse myself in the local culture and experiences, is a priceless gift that my passion for photography gives me.

an inner journey

But this photographic trip to India was also intimate, a time shared with someone special, exploring together their past in this country. Those days allowed me to get to know him more deeply, to understand his essence and to strengthen our bond.

India taught me that the real journey is inward, towards the understanding of the other and of oneself. And for that, I am deeply grateful.

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