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Glamorous maternity photos in New York City

I was so looking forward to this destination! I had all these glamorous maternity photos in my head that I wanted to shoot…I had some shots from my latest trip to New York that I wanted to recreate. That was 10 years ago and a lot had changed since…This time I was coming back with my new creative project: The Maternity World Tour


In the past months there was one image in particular that I couldn’t get out of my head. I pictured my beautiful pregnant model wearing this gorgeous gown, made-to-order by Cristina Granero, walking down the Brooklyn bridge at sunset.


That was the dream shot I expected to achieve but once we got to the bridge…There was no sunset at sight; it was packed with people so the shoot was a fiasco. The day after we went back to the Brooklyn bridge hoping for better luck. It was mid morning and neither the scorching sun nor the passers-by were in our favour…Another failed attempt to get the glamorous maternity photos that I had dreamt of for this feature.


Needless to say that my frustration was high. However, I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to work with the beautiful model who made herself available to me despite being at such a late stage of her pregnancy so I looked for alternative photo locations and I am so glad I did! 


We explored the Dumbo location and despite it being very crowded I managed to thet “The” Shot for this photographic destination. Quite spectacular, if I may say so myself. 


I’d like to confess that the next day I went to the Brooklyn bridge by myself with the beautiful red gown in my backpack and my photo gear…I didn’t want to return to Spain without the picture that I’d originally planned saved in my SD card.


I asked some people I was chatting with at lunch, if any of them would like to be my model. I even considered wearing the gown myself…Finally I had to accept reality…I had no model and the Brooklyn Bridge was ALWAYS crowded…


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A bittersweet experience shooting these glamorous maternity photos

I am proud of my work and happy with the result of this photographic report. However, I must admit that working with pregnant models has some challenges that I may have overseen…


First of all I had planned for far more locations and sets than I ended up doing. I think I had high expectations and I was just too eager to get as many glamorous maternity photos as I could. After all, who knows when my next trip to NYC will be?


I think I overlooked the fact that my models are pregnant…And most of them are at the last stage of their pregnancy. Therefore, they are tired. Most of them don’t sleep well so they are not usually available for photoshoots at sunrise, for example. 


If I have learned something from this particular destination is that it is ok to let go of my original expectations and simply go with the flow of reality. 


Another thing that somehow tainted the experience for me is that New York is such a big city…Big distances, big buildings, loads of people everywhere hurrying to get somewhere…Lots of images, signs, neon lights, loud sounds…Stimuli to try to catch your attention and, most of the time, to try and sell you something…For a highly sensitive person this was a bit much. I was exhausted by the end of each day not only because of my work but because of the city’s pace. Not to mention how it pains me to see the contrast between luxury shops and homeless people cohabitating side by side…


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Now that some time has passed since I returned I take stock of this photographic expedition and I realize that I am lucky to have travelled with my family this time. 

You may think, by looking at these glamorous maternity shoots, that there is a big production team behind them: photo permits, hair & make up assistants, production assistants, huge reflectors…Well, that is not the case. 

The truth is that this is my personal project and most of the time it’s just me being resourceful and creative. Sometimes I get help from my husband, sometimes from a friend and this time it was my youngest son who helped me out. 

He created some “Behind the scenes” videos and helped in the process…From generously donating part of ther luggage space for the photoshoot’s wardrobe, to holding the reflector or supporting me when i was getting frustrated…So for that I’d like to say “Thank you”. Thank you, also to Cristina Granero for bringing to life the exquisite gown that I had envisioned in my head. 

And, to sum it up…One passing thought:


Creating glamorous maternity shoots may be easy with a legendary backdrop such as New York…However, I’d also like to explore other kind of destinations which may not be as renowned as the city that never sleeps. As I have a feeling that, if I manage to portray their essence, they may be as captivating as the most iconic of destinations.


With this idea in my mind…what will my next destination be?

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