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Maternity World Tour…By Lys Moya

DESTINATION PHOTOGRAPHY for glamorous pregnant women all over the world

I’d like to share with you how this project came to life and why it’s so dear to me. I hope you find my story interesting…Here it comes!

Ever since I was a child I dreamt of travelling around the world….

My father is a journalist, specialized in destination photography so for most of my childhood he was out and about travelling and making beautiful photographic reports. He was paid to travel to go to exotic places like The Seychelles, Bali, Tahiti, Greenland…And I always wondered…Why can’t I go with him on his photography expeditions?

Life worked its magic and somehow, 10 years ago, I ended up working as an editor for National Geographic’s magazine TRAVELLER. It wasn’t the easiest of jobs but even so it was such a treat! While I worked for them I learned so much about destination photography. I can now appreciate and really pinpoint quality when I see it in a picture. 

In fact my daily routine was to browse for the best destination photographers from all over the world. I would search in stock libraries and look for top photography bloggers and instagramers. I’d then choose 100-150 photos for each destination and, finally, the heads of the editorial department would pick the final selection that would be featured in the magazine.

For 8 years I was travelling from home, diving into all of these amazing destinations and imagery…I even got some of my own destination photography selected for National Geographic’s magazine on 6 different occasions, mostly on double spreads. But, somehow, it wasn’t enough for me. This job had fuelled my travel streak and now…I wanted more!


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On a side note I’d like to point out that while I was working as an editor for TRAVELLER magazine I was also nurturing my own business, my photography studio here in Barcelona. I specialized in pregnancy and newborn photography and little by little this “new baby” grew to become a solid business…So, sadly, I had to give up my job at National Geographic. 


During this process I never stopped travelling. Sometimes I’d go to more local places, if I was on a budget; and sometimes to more exotic places…In the last few years I have started travelling much more…My partner must travel a lot for work so he keeps collecting airmiles that we happily use them together in our photography expeditions. In these trips, I’d instinctively look for pregnant women to photograph. 


I’ll always remember when I was in the Maldives with my partner. We went there as backpackers and we somehow managed to get invited to a Maldivian house by a local family. Once we got there I met all of the family members. One of them had just given birth and her sister was pregnant. 


 Sharing those instants with them made me connect with this project’s leitmotif. I realized that humans from all over the world may be different in regard to their language, their culture, their race or religion…But when it comes to our origins we all share one thing: we all come from a mother’s womb. 


It was at that exact moment when I decided that I wanted to work on this beautiful concept that would bring together pregnant women from all over the world. They are all different and unique, yet, they have something very important in common…They are bringing new life to this world. And the Maternity World Tour intends to be an homage to them for putting their body and soul into it. 


newborn maldives

"We may all come from different places around the world but, originally, we all come from the same place…Our mother’s belly. There is a certain simplicity and humility to it”



Ever since I launched the Maternity World Tour I have received positive feedback and several requests for destination photography in new places all over the world. 


What started being a purely creative project for my personal development has now become part of my business. So, if you are interested in having your maternity photos taken by me and you happen to live at one of the destinations that I have selected for my tour, you can book a private photoshoot. You can access my travel calendar here


If your dream destination is not on the list, you can contact me and ask for an estimate for a “Destination photoshoot on demand”. I’ll be happy to travel wherever you have in mind to create unique memories for you and your family. 

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What is my process as a destination photographer?


My method for this destination photography project is a combination of what I have learned in National Geographic’s TRAVELLER magazine and my expertise as a pregnancy and newborn photographer. 


STEP 1 – “I visualize THE shot”

Once I pick a specific destination I do my research. I look for the most iconic places, I look for the best angles, take note of the time for dawn and dusk and I visualize several shots in my head. 


STEP 2- “Wardrobe”

Once I have a clear image in my head of the photograph I want to capture I immediately start thinking about the model’s wardrobe. What will she wear? I want to make sure that the clothes and accessories truly represent the essence of the culture I am trying to portray. 


I usually custom make a dress for the occasion. At least one unique, custom-made dress per destination. I do the design and I commission the sewing to my trusted local seamstress. Then I do my best to fit the dress and accessories in my luggage…and I hop on the plane. 


STEP 3- “Action!”

Obviously before I reach my destination I have already arranged for a model for the shoot and I have scheduled some additional photoshoots with clients.


Once I reach my destination I have to adapt to “real life” circumstances. Sometimes they’ll work to my advantage…Like the mysterious mist that suddenly appeared in our Vienna photoshoot that made the final images even more romantic that I could even expect. 


Other times I must face some obstacles but I am an expert in turning adversity into opportunity so I always manage to turn things around. 


I must say it’s a dream come true being able to travel to beautiful places like Milano, Marrakesh, New York, Paris where I get to bring all of my ideas to life. I pour my whole heart into my work and it’s very rewarding when I manage to the “THE shots” I had in mind…And sharing them with you and the rest of the world is just the cherry on top.


If you want to know what my next destinations are, please take a look at the World Maternity Project Calendar here. If you’d like to create your own destination photography “on demand”, feel free to contact me for prices and availability.

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